What You Can Expect

Day 1
This day will consist of a thorough Chiropractic Consultation and Examination.

This essential Exam is designed to gather as many pieces of information (pieces of the puzzle) as possible in order to establish a complete clinical picture.

Neurological, orthopaedic, cranial nerve, motion and static palpation, Ranges of motion, posture analysis, motor, sensory, reflex testing, weight distribution, gait scans etc. may also be done as required.

We also can examine and adjust all extremities such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and feet.

Our end goal is to Locate and Analyze any spinal interference to the nervous system.

Day 1 may be include the Report of Findings (ROF) & The First Adjustment (see Day 2).
Day 2
Day 2 is split between the 1) Report of Findings (ROF) & 2) The First Adjustment:

Report of Findings (ROF) The RoF is where we report what we found. This is an opportunity for the doctor to explain and interpret the findings and determine the integrity of your spinal health and, more importantly, your Nervous System (the master communication pathway). The doctor will also review your x-rays and discuss any concerns he may have.

If you are married, we encourage you to bring your spouse to this visit as the family should be made aware of any subluxations found.

Our goal here is to explain the detrimental affects of subluxation on the body and the essential importance in correcting them.

The First Adjustment After Locating and Analyzing Subluxations, the opportunity to proceed with the First Chiropractic adjustment is on Day 2. It is an amazing experience as this may be the first your spine and nervous will be relieved of built-up pressure. Adjustments only take a few moments and are usually entirely painless. In fact, most patients report immediate relief. The point here is not how we feel but how we function! With our Exam and initial Adjustment complete, the doctor can now develop a Schedule of Care for you and inform you of the costs associated with it.
Day 3
The Schedule of Care sets out the number of recommended visits throughout a specific time period (usually one year). Included here is the strategic frequency of visits usually starting with the Initial Intensive phase of care with an increased frequency of visits at 3-4 times per week tapering down to the Wellness Care at once every couple of weeks to once a month. Our systems of correction are very efficient and successful. All information is very specific to your condition and is easy to understand. On this day you will know whether the doctor will accept your case and the commitment level that will be expected by you.
Day 4 and on…
We will continue to provide specific adjustments in order to attain and maintain more biomechanical stability in the spine. We will also do progress exams throughout the care to mark your progress followed by a follow-up x-ray at the end of the year. These Three Phases of Care are the key to success in chiropractic:
Initial Intensive / Relief Care
The target of pain relief and focus on the reduction or elimination of the most current condition or symptoms the person may be experiencing through the removal of the vertebral subluxation. The visits are scheduled close together and the frequency of the visits is increased to get control of the situation. This phase of care is the shortest, usually lasting from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Reconstructive / Corrective Care
This phase of care is designed to correct the VSC by restoring the spinal function and mobility to the spine. Here the key objective is to restructure the spine and eliminate or reduce any and all subluxations and compensations in the body. This is the second longest phase to wellness care usually lasting from 2 months to one year.

Wellness / Maintance Care
The focus of this phase in care is to maintain spinal integrity and therefore prevent the spinal bones and nervous system from becoming compromised or degenerative. The point is to maintain an optimal function and communication throughout your life.

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