Personal History

In 1988, when Jamie was only 11 years old he was diagnosed with Leukemia, a potentially fatal cancer of the blood. After three years of intensive Chemotherapy and radiation treatment he survived the Cancer. This difficult experience was the catalyst which set him on the path to becoming a who he is today:
Dr. Jamie S. Garvey - Chiropractor.

Today, although the connection between Cancer and straight Chiropractic care may seem unusual to some, for Dr. Garvey it is quite clear. The key to a healthy body does not come from medications, rather it comes from an innate intelligence. Put simply; the capacity to communicate and express life. Yes, we know the central nervous system communicates with every single cell, system, and organ and acts as the physical "highway" of the body to transfer all information. Yes, we also know the brain provides the system's intelligence and master interpretation centre. And finally we know that any stress, whether it is physical, chemical, and/or mental and emotional, impacts the body which will eventually cause stress on the nervous system and spine. But how do we fix it? How do we attain health? How do we attain true health and true prevention of dis-ease and disease? The answer is simple. Unfortunately, today the current health care system has answers that don’t answer, solutions that don’t solve and explanations that don’t explain.

Stress will lead to misaligned bones/vertebrae in the back and this will lead to a breakdown of communication within the body. Poor communication leads to poor health.

The body does not heal from the "outside in" (through drugs or surgery) rather it heals from the "inside out". No doctor or drug in the entire history on mankind has ever healed anyone. Only the body does. How?

Chiropractors do not heal the body, instead they put the body in the best position to communicate and heal. By releasing nerve pressure from the central nervous system, Chiropractic allows the innate ability for the body to communicate. Specific chiropractic adjustments help relieve this pressure and therefore reduce interferences in communication.

As a doctor, the intent is to restore the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself. Although Dr. Garvey does acknowledge that drugs and surgery offer essential functions, he believes that such an approach has extreme limitations and contradictions, not to mention the risk of overuse, abuse, and misuse.

Dr. Garvey believes that today’s health care system consists mainly of disease care or crisis care. True health care should consist of prevention through education. That is why Dr. Garvey founded the Doctors For Education Foundation (DFE). This non-profit organization founded several years ago by Dr. Garvey, puts education first. "The goal of our Foundation is to redefine the term doctor, which in latin means teacher. If you put doctor in front of your name you better represent it.” states Dr. Garvey in a recent interview. Only through knowledge, understanding and awareness can one attain optimal health. DFE is responsible for health education seminars for local communities. Some of the organization’s seminar topics have included:
  • Expressing your innate potential
  • Exercise and Nutrition
  • Weight Lose Once
  • Stress Elimination
  • Motivation - Purpose with Passion
  • Integrity: a pillar of health
  • and many more

Dr. Garvey believes that today, when it comes to health, people are often mis-informed with improper information. Therefore, his main goal is to educate. His practice, Garvey Chiropractic, at 3075 Kirwin Ave. in Mississauga offers, first and foremost, health education and chiropractic. Other services his practice offers includes:
  • Life coaching/counselling
  • Perspective modification
  • Strength and conditioning training/rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle nutritional counselling
  • Weight modification
  • Physiotherapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Posture analysis and correction
  • Foot/Gait analysis and correction though custom orthotics

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Dr. Garvey offers seminars on a variety of health topics. To learn more, or to book a seminar for your organization, please visit Doctors for Education