Clinic Policies

Welcome to our office. Our goal is to serve you with exceptionally friendly and prompt service, and provide the best family health care available.

It is our experience that our patients who follow these simple guidelines obtain the best results and greatest benefits to their health.

Appointment Scheduling

Dr. Garvey has designed a specific schedule of care to correct your spine. We will assist you in pre-booking your appointments for each phase of your care. It is important to follow the schedule of care. If your schedule requires three adjustments in a one-week period, and you need to cancel an appointment, that appointment must be made up within the same week. If you need to change your appointments, 24 hours notice is appreciated.

Interruption of Care

In the unlikely event that it is necessary to discontinue your care for any reason, our clinic release form must be signed so that no further fees will be incurred. Any outstanding fees become payable and due immediately to eliminate any misunderstanding. If you have the desire to receive care, we will make every attempt to make affordable arrangements.

Broken Appointments

"No show" appointments - missed appointments with no phone call, will be subject to a penalty fee equal to the appointment fee. In turn, if you show up for your appointment time, and the doctor is not available within 30 minutes or at all, the fee for the appointment will be credited towards your account. We will make every effort to inform you of our schedule changes, as we expect you to do the same. Any missed appointments must be made up within the week.

Financial Agreements

It is your payment that allows us to continue providing high levels of professional care, maintain our facility and pay our staff. If, for any reason, you can not keep your financial agreement, please inform us immediately to eliminate any misunderstandings. If you wish to continue to receive care in our office, we will try to establish a plan that is affordable for you.

Chiropractic Excellence

Dr. Garvey is occasionally out of the office to attend seminars and conferences to further his education. We will build your schedule around those times.


Healing takes time. Spinal correction will not happen overnight. If you do not feel satisfied with your body’s responses, please make an appointment to discuss this with Dr. Garvey. We want you to get the most out of your care.

Family Referrals

If you desire any of your immediate family members to receive care, an affordable family plan can be arranged to include additional family members.

Friends and Co-Workers Referral

The success of our office and the health of your friends and co-workers depends on your referrals. If there is someone that you know who you would like to invite to the office, please let us know. They will receive a a free consultation and examination. All we ask is for a small donation to The Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children, where chiropractors offer free chiropractic care to children suffering from cancer.

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