Worthy Charities

"You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow"
-BJ Palmer
Doctors for Education Doctors for Education Foundation educate as many families as possible towards optimal health through understanding, knowledge and awareness.
Complimentary chiropractic care for all children with cancer, worldwide The Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children provides free chiropractic care to children with cancer throughout the world. This organization was founded by Dr. Garvey in 2007. If you know a child suffering from cancer, we would be pleased to offer them complementary care.
St Patricks The St. Patrick's Out of the Cold Program has been a part of a meal program for about 15 years now and on a regular basis serves meals to about 250 people and offers overnight shelter for 120 men and 20 women.

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 Chiropractic Cancer Foundation for Children
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Dr. Garvey offers seminars on a variety of health topics. To learn more, or to book a seminar for your organization, please visit Doctors for Education