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Free Chiropractic Care For Children With Cancer
Toronto, Ontario (JP Public Relations/Newswire/Media Release) - November 22, 2007
A child lies in a hospital bed, wan and listless, suffering from the devastating side-effects of conventional cancer therapy. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. Children are resilient, but the stress on their tiny bodies is unimaginable. Conventional medicine offers surgery, drugs and physio- or occupational therapy. Bright walls in the children’s ward and gifts of cute stuffed animals can disguise, but never fully hide, the grim institutional setting where life and death hang in the balance.
Jamie Garvey, Doctor of Chiropractic, intimately knows these children’s pain, fear and distress. At the age of 11 he was diagnosed with leukemia, a potentially-fatal cancer of the blood. For three years he underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and is now cancer-free. His experience inspired him to help others in similar situations; today he offers free chiropractic care for all children with cancer, believing that a holistic approach to cancer treatment will reap optimal benefits.
Dr. Garvey’s goal is to restore health, maintain health, and educate. The key to a healthy body does not come from medications, but from an innate internal intelligence.
Although Dr. Garvey acknowledges that drugs and surgery have an essential function, he believes that such an approach has extreme limitations and contraindications, not to mention the massive overuse, abuse, and misuse.
True health should consist of prevention through education. Dr. Garvey has founded Doctors for Education Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers health education seminars for local communities. Some of the organization’s seminar topics have included exercise and nutrition, weight loss, stress elimination, motivation, purpose with passion, and expressing our innate potential.
Dr. Garvey’s practice - Garvey Chiropractic, at 3075 Kirwin Ave. - offers health education first and foremost. Besides chiropractic care, other services include: strength and conditioning training/rehabilitation, lifestyle nutritional counselling and weight modification, and foot, gait and posture analysis.