Philosophy of Life Guidance

Dr. Garvey offers a new and unique approach to life.

Coaching sessions are constructed in

  • one-on-one sessions $300 / hour
  • couples sessions $400 / hour
  • group sessions $125 / person (minimum 5 people)

“Enjoy the ride, your other choices aren’t that great!”
- Dr. Jamie Garvey

Why Coaching?

  • To get a different outlook on life,
  • To help you find the "real" answers to your questions
  • To obtain life-changing solutions
  • To help you focus on what matters.

Many people make the mistake of repeating the same debilitating activities over and over again and somehow expecting different results.

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Dr. Garvey offers seminars on a variety of health topics. To learn more, or to book a seminar for your organization, please visit Doctors for Education